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diciembre 20, 2010

e-BRT: Solución de desarrollo sostenible

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The 100% electric no-wires solution, with bus recharging at stops

Public transport authorities around the world are confronted with the
need to expand transport provision
through the introduction of highperformance,
systems compatible with their budget
Aware that Bus Rapid Transit is an
excellent solution fully meeting the
needs of many conurbations, Siemens
Mobility proposes a 100% electric
BRT system as an integrated solution,
without the drawback of overhead
contact lines.

e-BRT: Ultra-rapid energy transfers
While stopped at a station, the vehicle receives
the energy needed to reach the next
one through an electrical contact with the
station infrastructure. This process is completely
transparent to the passengers, as it
does not take any longer than the normal
dwell time at the stop. The energy is stored
in onboard units, mainly supercapacitors.

The vehicle leaves the bus station using
the stored energy. During decelerations,
braking energy is recovered by the same
storage units.
A computer manages energy distribution
to optimize overall efficiency and maximize
component lifetimes.


e-BRT is a combination of:

* 100% electric vehicles
* Intelligent bus stations enabling rapid energy transfer
* High-quality dedicated right of way
* Equipment optimizing operation and energy consumption


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  1. Vladimir

    este sistema me parece bueno pero para ciudades pequeñas, como Girardot, pereira, santamarta es como un ransmilenio solo cambia los buses, siguen sometidos a las vias y los semaforos

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