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Diciembre 20, 2010

e-BRT Solución amigable del medio ambiente

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e-BRT: The solution everyone
has been waiting for

Add the comfort, efficiency and excellent
energy balance of electric traction to the
Bus Rapid Transit concept: until now this
could only be achieved with trolleybus
vehicles, necessitating overhead contact
lines, often complicated by switches.

Building on its experience in onboard
energy systems, Siemens Mobility is now
able to offer a reliable, high-performance
solution fitting easily into the cityscape,
comprising Siemens’ e-BRT system, based
on guided electrically-powered vehicles
with rapid energy storage and the
associated infrastructure. The solution
optimizes both passenger comfort and
accessibility, and energy use.

An optimized and reliable system

The energy efficiency and reliability
of the system are ensured by Siemens’
integration of its key components:
the equipment on board the vehicle,
the stations and their energy transfer
equipment, Optiguide® optical guidance,
the systems of communication between
vehicles and infrastructure, and the
instrumentation and control system
including information relayed to the
operation control centre.

A modular,
easy-to-install system

The core of the system is housed in the
bus stations: intelligent, they detect the
arrival of the vehicle. The Optiguide optical
guidance system ensures the perfect
docking of the vehicle with the precision
required to make contact with the energy
transfer system. Optiguide is designed to
enable a fast, precise approach, a key factor
in passenger comfort and accessibility
thanks to the narrow gaps obtained
between the platform and the vehicle.

Optimized in terms of energy efficiency, the
bus stations are equipped with modules
capable of electrical energy transfer with
maximum efficiency and under the best
economic conditions. Designed to be easy
to install and maintain, the stations have
all the facilities expected from an effective
transport system: real-time passenger
information, ticketing, advertising display,
Internet interactive kiosk, and more.

Passenger satisfaction
all along the line

Easy access for all, silent and comfortable
vehicles, a fast, smooth journey: all the advantages
of railway systems are combined.
Meanwhile residents will appreciate the
lack of airborne and visual pollution and the
silence ensured by running on tyres and by
electric traction without contact lines.

Particularly economical operation

Because of the high efficiency electric
traction and complete kinetic energy
recovery when braking, the overall
energy efficiency of the system is very
significantly higher than that of most
solutions based on diesel-engined vehicles.
The lifetime of the vehicles and of the
energy storage units, which are sized to
ensure well-mastered discharge rates, and
the reliability of the components used
by Siemens Mobility are all additional
guarantees of a low life cycle cost.

e-BRT means:
– 0% local emission
– the silence and comfort of running on tyres and of electric traction without
contact lines
– the regularity and punctuality of the dedicated right of way
– accessibility, thanks to bus station design and guidance

e-BRT is the ideal transport solution for medium-traffic routes, at a price
a third to a half that of a tram line.

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  1. Vladimir

    antes de llenar solo de transmilenio la ciudad, piensen en este sistema para la avenida 68 y Boyaca, y la cali,, como para darle un nuevo aire a la ciudad y eso, pensar en el AIRE, porque transmilenio deja el asfalto negro y no precisamente del caucho de las llantas…….

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